When it comes to any piece of rotating equipment, maintenance is a must and without routine maintenance small problems can become big issues. That’s why Grundfos and its Authorized Service Partners stock a complete range of spare parts and service kits, always prepared to help you respond to any challenge as they arise.

We offer genuine OEM spare parts for the following pump brands:
   ● Grundfos
   ● PACO
   ● Yeomans
   ● Chicago
   ● Morris
   ● Sewer Chewer

Why choose Grundfos Genuine OEM spare parts?
No one has more knowledge about the equipment, than the manufacturer. OEM spare parts and kits meet exact design specifications and are backed by rigorous testing, ensuring years of reliable service, increasing efficiency and prolonging the life of your equipment. By choosing Grundfos genuine OEM parts, you can always be confident that the spare parts you install are engineered for optimal performance and reliability.

Plus, Grundfos and its network of nationwide Authorized Service Partners, no one can get you the parts sooner, with 24/7 available on most spare parts and service kits.

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Don’t let routine maintenance turn in to a future breakdown