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More efficiency. More reliability. More performance.

With our CR vertical inline multistage pump technology, we’ve delivered best-in-class reliability and efficiency for more than 45 years. But we never stop imagining ways to do even more. Introducing the new generation of CR pumps—three models (95, 125 and 155) with reimagined features and capabilities that move the limits of what’s possible.

New CR pump

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More Efficiency and Performance

Every detail of the new CR range was designed for maximum energy efficiency and performance across the board. The superior hydraulic design delivers a 6 to 11 point efficiency gain in addition to dramatically increased overall performance, offering more than 1,000 gpm and 1,000 feet of head.

  • Improved impeller design reduces energy loss
  • New flow-guiding system eliminates eddies and turbulence
  • Optimized flow path reduces pressure loss
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of pump life cycle costs are from energy consumption, so significantly reduced consumption equates to high cost savings.
Increased Efficiency chart Expanded Performance chart
Efficiency and Performance of the New 95, 125 and 155 Compared to Previous Models

More Reliability

The new generation of large CR pumps is even more robust than its forerunners, thanks to state-of-the-art technology in simulation design, materials, testing and production. Every pump is individually tested before leaving the factory, and reimagined features reduce pump downtime and lower operating costs.

  • New thrust handling device allows use of standard motors
  • Balanced shaft seal can be replaced without removing the motor
  • Enhanced impeller and chamber design reduces NPSHr
  • Lower vibration overall minimizes wear and tear
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Millions of Customizations

The new generation of CR pumps continues the tradition of modularity and customizability already well-known within the CR range. With millions of possible variants, you can always build a Grundfos CR pump to match your exact specification — whatever the application.

  • Motors
  • Seals
  • Variants
  • Connections
  • Mounts
CRXL pump
CRXL motor


  • Asynchronous
  • Permanent magnet
  • Hazardous environment
  • Two or four pole
  • Additional options to suit many applications and environments
CRXL pump
CRXL shaft seal

Shaft seals and seal systems

  • Extreme temperatures
  • High pressure
  • Leakage safe requirements
  • Sticky or abrasive liquids
CRXL pump
CRXL product variants

Product Variants

  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • Surface treated (e.g., pickled & passivated)
  • Dry-running protected
  • Ultra-pure water applications
  • Certifications
CRXL pump
CRXL connections


  • Available with different international industry-standard connection types
  • ANSI, DIN/EN and JIS flanges
  • Victaulic type PJE couplings
CRXL pump
CRXL mount

Horizontal Mount

  • Available for installations with limited height

The expanded CR range includes three reimagined models (95, 125 and 155) that bring you unrivaled hydraulics, bulletproof reliability and millions of customization options. Find out how to get yours today.

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