Ease of Use
Hydro MPC

When you’re working on demanding commercial hydronic heating and cooling applications, with labor costs and system wear on the line, don’t think piece-by-piece. Think plug-and-pump. Think Hydro MPC HVAC pumping systems.

Hydro MPC HVAC pumping system
Engineered System’s 2020 Commercial Comfort Products of the Year Winner

The Grundfos Hydro MPC HVAC is an award winning integrated packaged pumping system, designed with advanced controls for optimized pumping, simplified installation and unrivaled efficiency.

Think Ease of Use

The pre-packaged Hydro MPC HVAC is ready when you are — no need to build it yourself in the field. Intelligent controls and demand-responsive performance increase efficiency and decrease system wear from day one.

  • Single source responsibility
  • Pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested
  • No on-site assembly
  • No alignment needed
  • Self-optimizing intelligent controls
  • Easy BMS integration
Hydro MPC HVAC pumping system
The Hydro MPC HVAC system from Grundfos saved my building a ton on time and expense, making me look like a hero in the process!
— Jim James, Hydraulic Engineer

Simplified Sensors

Use the built-in sensor technology on the Hydro MPC HVAC for easy basic data collection without the need for additional sensors. Choose a redundant primary sensor for extra piece of mind, or use additional sensors for optimized HVAC zone control.

Think Savings

More cost-efficient than field-built end-suction pumps

Piping, pump installation, components, grouting, inertia bases, wiring, controls, alignment… the costs of a field-built system add up. Because the Hydro MPC HVAC is a packaged pumping solution, it costs you less and removes the need for alignment and multiple communication connection points; the CIM module gives you access to up to 38 communication points with one connection.

Design Intelligently

You have to plan for the most extreme conditions. So field-built systems are often overbuilt with pumps that are larger than what’s needed for everyday use. The Hydro MPC HVAC has a wider range, and smart controls allow it to automatically adjust across multiple, smaller pumps for maximum efficiency. This design reduces energy consumption by more than 18% compared to other VFD HVAC systems.

More about Parallel Pumping
Chart showing greater efficiency from three-pump systems

Think Performance


The CU 352 controller runs up to six pumps by evaluating pressures, electrical draw, and pre-loaded curve data to activate only the necessary pumps and deliver required system pressure.

MLE Motor

The advanced integrated motor with ECM capabilities of up to 15 horsepower works with the drive and control logic components to deliver efficient variable speed performance.


CR/CRE pumps are best in class: split coupled design with registered fit means no alignment necessary, seal changes can happen in less than 20 minutes, and advanced hydraulic efficiency provides unmatched reliability and performance.


The system is produced with precision technologies that increase overall efficiency by reducing velocity and pressure drops.

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Hydro MPC HVAC pumping system
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