A Better Way. The New Hydro HP.

High-pressure washdown systems are vital in your food processing plant, but constant breakdowns and costly maintenance needs are hurting your bottom line. It’s a huge problem, and it’s been going on for years.

Finally, there’s a better way.

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Hydro HP

Old Problem. New Solution.

The cleaning and washdown systems in most food processing facilities run on pitot tube pumps that use too much energy with inefficient performance. The Grundfos Hydro HP solves these old problems with the superior hydraulic performance of CR/CRE pumps.

Grundfos pump screen

Efficient by design

The combination of cascade control, integrated VFDs and pump design dramatically reduces energy use without sacrificing performance.

  • No recirculation line needed for consistent pressure
  • Integrated variable frequency drive adapts to system demands
  • Vertical multistage pumps designed for maximum efficiency
The Hydro HP Advantage

Uses minimal energy — unlike pitot tube pumps, which run constantly to meet high pressure needs.

Grundfos pump cutaway

Engineered for reliability

Our industry-leading CR pumps were engineered with reimagined features to increase reliability and decrease downtime.

  • Lower vibration minimizes wear and tear
  • State-of-the-art testing before leaving the factory
  • Single-source responsibility, with all parts designed to work together
The Hydro HP Advantage

Built to minimize wear — unlike pitot tube pumps, which push water through a small opening at a high velocity, causing faster deterioration.

Grundfos pump close up

Easy to maintain

The most common maintenance needed is easy and pain-free, and it can be done on-site, reducing costs.

  • Shaft seal can be replaced in minutes without removing the motor
  • Rotating assembly stacking kit allows for easy replacement
  • No need to realign or rebalance the pump
The Hydro HP Advantage

Easy to maintain in-house when needs arise — unlike pitot tube pumps, which can require frequent and costly off-site servicing.

Better ROI

With less energy use and more reliability, the Grundfos Hydro HP is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. The money you’ll save on maintenance alone means the system pays for itself within three years of ownership — while pitot tubes cost tens of thousands of dollars just to maintain.

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