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Your customers expect you to build the best water treatment systems, and that starts by using the best products. Our advanced pumping solutions are more intelligent, more capable and more reliable, with autonomous, data-driven technology that connects and optimizes your entire system – ultimately saving your customers time, money and maintenance.

We build the best pumping solutions so you can build the best business.

Grundfos Product
Grundfos Product
Grundfos Product
Grundfos Product
Grundfos Product


Grundfos advanced solutions are designed to maximize performance while easily integrating into any system. Our intelligent pumps have built-in controls and monitors that automatically adapt to changing water parameters, simplify control logic and maintenance, reduce the need for overall components, and continuously optimize for the best results. This is the next generation of pumping solutions.

Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership
Grundfos Partnership


Choosing the right partner to have by your side is critical. Grundfos provides expert knowledge, is easy to collaborate with, and enables you to accomplish more. We work closely with each of our customers, ensuring they have the products, information and support they need to do their jobs more efficiently than ever.

Mark VanderVeen
“The key was to quickly provide a PPE solution during this crisis, and Grundfos was an integral part of that.”
Mark VanderVeen President and CEO, Clean Works Tell me more »
Lawson Hembree
“With Grundfos, we built a cohesive system that creates a safer food supply for the world.”
Lawson Hembree Strategic Marketing Manager, Safe Foods Watch the video »
Craig Snyder
“We’re really happy to be using the Grundfos product.”
Craig Snyder Chemical Plant Project Manager Watch the video »
Jose Ramirez
“With Grundfos, we’ve had zero maintenance issues in the last two years.”
Jose Ramirez Chemical Plant Maintenance Supervisor Watch the video »
Matt Rowe
“The Grundfos pumps we use for both injection points in our system have worked flawlessly.”
Matt Rowe Director of Brewing Operations, MadTree Brewing Tell me more »

Grundfos Solutions for Your Water Treatment Systems

Smart Digital DDA, DDC, DDE for highest accuracy and precision
DME Dosing Pumps for large quantities
DID System for controlling water disinfectants in membrane filtration
Dosing Skid Systems (DSS) for combining pumps with accessories for easy setup and integration

Chemical Dosing Solutions

The Grundfos SMART Digital dosing range is the industry’s leader in accurate, reliable chemical dosing. These pumps feature precise variable-speed stepper motors and other SMART components, allowing you to:

  • Optimize the treatment process with smooth, continuous dosing.
  • Automatically purge air from the system, preventing vapor lock, loss of prime, and treatment issues.
  • Detect leaks, cavitation and other faults in the dosing process and beyond, with the pump acting as a systems diagnostics expert.
  • Integrate with your SCADA system for real-time monitoring and quick identification of issues.
  • Get the technical details »
NEW! Find and select the right solutions:

Dosing selection tool »
Dosing skid system configurator »

NEW CR 95-185 Pumps with enhanced performance capabilities
CR/CRE Pumps for superior reliability, efficiency and performance
BMS Booster Modules for membrane systems
Hydro MPC for performance-optimized multi-pump solutions
CM/CME for compact, horizontal boosting

Pressure-Boosting Pumps and Systems

Central to any world-class pressure-boosting solution is the Grundfos CR/CRE vertical multistage pump range. These industry-leading pumps enable unparalleled efficiency, reliability and performance, allowing you to:

  • Meet precise flow and pressure requirements for membrane filtration, even as raw water conditions change and demand for clean water fluctuates.
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% with a variable frequency drive (VFD).
  • Minimize maintenance needs with virtually vibration-free operation.
  • Get the technical details »
NEW! CR 185 gives you up to 1,280 gpm and 1,235 ft. of head.

Learn more »

CIM/CIU Interfaces for ease of data integration & communication
Grundfos Machine Health (GMH) for proactive maintenance
Grundfos Remote Management (GRM) for monitoring and managing pump installations

Connectivity Solutions

Innovative communication tools from Grundfos enable pump solution data monitoring and control through a wide range of open and interoperable networks. Connectivity solutions allow you to:

  • Reduce downtime and time spent manually monitoring and traveling to installations.
  • Easily integrate with SCADA systems for overall system management.
  • Get actionable insights that pinpoint problems before they become costly failures.
Get the technical details »

Learn How To Optimize Membrane Filtration

Grundfos intelligent pumps can be used to control a membrane treatment system, eliminating the need for external controllers. Read all about the latest in using operation modes to optimize membrane filtration by requesting our white paper »

The movement for better water treatment

You care about the quality of our global water supply as much as we do, which is why you work hard to deliver best-in-class water treatment systems to your customers. We’re here to help you do that. At Grundfos, we’re focused on improving the global water supply by working with customers and nonprofits that move the needle. Since 2007, we’ve invested technical expertise and financial resources in Water Mission, an engineering nonprofit that provides safe water to developing countries and disaster areas. Together, we can make a difference in the world.
Water Mission

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Resource Library

Optimizing Membrane Filtration White Paper
Membrane Filtration System White Paper
Read the white paper to learn how to increase your system’s intelligence while reducing complexity.
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Dosing selection tool
Dosing Selection Tool
Enter some basic information about your system needs and requirements, and we’ll provide the right dosing selection for you.
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Dosing Skid System Configurator
Dosing Skid System Configurator
Answer a series of questions to design and configure a complete dosing skid package from more than 15,000 variations.
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CR pumps
The New Generation of CRs
Grundfos’ new line of CR pumps includes 3 models with reimagined features that provide more efficiency, more reliability and more performance.
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